DIY Parenting

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Sunday, April 29, from 1:30pm - 5:30pm 17 Miles Away
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DESCRIPTION: In today's culture, parenting can be a challenge. It is easy to hand over the responsibility to schools, learning channels and even the Church, but God challenged parents to train up their children in His ways. DIY Parenting gives parents strategies and tools that they can use to take back that God given assignment of raising kids and raise them to be healthy emotionally, spiritually and physically. It empowers parents to effectively guide their children into an adulthood marked by maturity and success.

Join Live the Life as Celebration Church hosts the DIY Parenting workshop at their Midtown Location on Sunday, April 29th from 1:30p, to 5:30pm. The event is held at no cost to participants, so bring your friends.

Topics Include: