Adventures in Marriage

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Wednesday Jan 10 7:30pm-9pm
Wednesday Jan 17 7:30pm-9pm
Wednesday Jan 24 7:30pm-9pm
Wednesday Jan 31 7:30pm-9pm
Wednesday Feb 7 7:30pm-9pm
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About this Class

Most couples do not know HOW to be married. Through Adventures in Marriage couples learn how to create the marriage they have always wanted with the spouse they already have! Adventures in Marriage is a highly interactive 9-hour marriage education program for couples providing specific, practical skills for healthy, successful relationships.

Adventures in Marriage combines Christian principles with the latest research to provide attainable skills for a successful marriage. This program helps couples discover the critical communication skills needed for talking, confiding, and listening to understand one another, resolving conflicts, safely expressing anger, and eliminating dirty fighting. Fun, practical, and easy to learn, Adventures in Marriage is appropriate for couples at any age or stage. The program is designed to reach couples across the spectrum – from high-risk to highly-motivated.

What other couples are saying about Adventures in Marriage:

“From the very start of the class both of us were wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. When we started the first exercise we were giggling nervously, but once we were into it, it was an amazing experience. We were both very surprised at how much we got out of Adventures in Marriage.”

“This class taught me how to love better.”

“I liked the wide range of topics covered. It was a great over-all-how-to improve my marriage. It will help my wife and I resolve conflict much more effectively.”

“It opened my eyes to what has been closed for 36 years of marriage.”

“This has changed my way of looking at my relationship and my life.”

“Adventures in Marriage brought an awareness into my life about relationships that I had no idea existed. Once I found out what I didn’t know I was able to practice it. Now my relationships and life is much more enjoyable.”

“This program is the greatest thing to happen to marriage.”

“Whether newlyweds or seasoned vets, I recommend Adventures in Marriage because it works!”

“I liked the fact that it is a truthful program that doesn’t water down the issues.”

“I’ve been split up from my wife after 16 years. I am hoping that with what I’ve learned I can reconcile with my wife and rebuild (slowly but surely) our marriage that should have done ended in divorce. Thank you AIM for what you opened my eyes to and taught me to fix it."

Topics Include: